Our family business was founded in 1991 and since then we have been growing and looking for new business
activities. We are a purely Czech transport and logistics company with our own modern and extensive fleet of trucks.

Among other things, we cooperate with other contractual carriers, so we can respond quickly to the current needs of
our customers. We focus mainly on the domestic market, but we are also gradually expanding into Western Europe.


Collection service

Ensuring comprehensive distribution from loading, crossdocking and collection to delivery of goods to the client.

Daily distribution

Use our extensive fleet to distribute goods straight from clients or from your own warehouse.

Day and night distribution

The possibility of using our extensive vehicle fleet for distribution of goods directly from the client or from own warehouses.

Transport of temperature-sensitive goods

We can transport goods in temperatures between -25°C to +25°C.


Load capacity: 500 kg
Number of EUR-pallettes: 1

Load capacity: 24 t
Number of EUR-pallettes: 33 t

Load capacity: 1,3t – 1,4 t
Number of EUR-pallettes: 5

Load capacity: 3,5-10t
Number of EUR-pallettes:  17-18

Load capacity: 3,5t
Number of EUR-pallettes: 12-15